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Kurumin… くるみん・・・

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Post of Moe~

and some other things…


Kurumi Ohnuma


Just thought I’d add a cute post that’s positive~

Kurumin is sooo adorable, I don’t think she’s voiced yet (or I’m sure I saw somewhere they already have a voice actress for her) but she is already my fave!!!


Kurumin New new.png



Moving on…


I uploaded a cover of 99 Nights but I don’t actually know what Kurumi sounds like yet so I tried to sing as I think she may sound (she will probably WILL sound sooo much better and cute!)

I will probably do more covers in the future… I kept feeling faint (to the point I would nearly pass out but I held to reality as strong as I could) every time I would karaoke and got really bad anxiety attacks because of it, now after a year of waiting for an appointment for my heart I find out I have low blood pressure and an extra heartbeat (thanks for waiting a year to tell me that NHS) I had no idea what the heck was wrong with me and why I felt weird (convulsing and feeling disconnected from reality which is scary, I thought so many times that this was it for me), I thought it was low salt (I am supposed to add more to my diet anyway) so yeah (rant over) But it’s nice to do baka-fun karaoke and try different voice styles, sometimes it’s hard if you have a fave Idol and you can’t imitate the voice (I’ve tried to mono-mane Hibikin several times, who knows maybe I’ll get it right one day?)

I really do love Idolm@ster which I’ve never played but I just love all the songs and characters… I should play the game… lol

Info of Kurumin from

(click the link for info)

Found these piccy’s on the google, made a collage and also found the nosebleed one (whoever took the screenshot I hope you don’t mind me using it~) (^o ^*)

Ok actually uploaded a fandub today in celebration of our New Year!!!


The Dims…

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Wow, I had sooo much hope for the Sims 4 but I will not be buying this excuse for a game!

I will protest and keep a firm hold of my purse!


Here is the link for the on-going petition for Toddlers and Pools to be added to The Sims 4 base game, please sign and make a change~!


I just can’t believe how excited I was for this game only to have my hopes crushed and now I just cant believe the whole mess that the fans are expected to pay for! What were EA thinking apart from how much money they could make???!!! Seriously I’m appalled at the unacceptable behaviour from this company and their arrogant and ignorant way of treating fans which pay good money to enjoy games…

 All the secrecy, no comments and lies had led to much speculation from all of us and the amount of content which is being stated to be de-confirmed day by day leads to another cancelled pre-order from upset and angry fans.

I myself am sticking with TS3, I was ready to move on as I’ve had enough buggy issues but now there is absolutely no way I will buy TS4!!!

 I have been considering downloading mods to improve my gameplay as EA couldn’t be bothered to fix the problems within the game.

I tweeted 8 Gurus asking is Aliens would be in the base game and not one replied to me so I guess Aliens are out as well as everything. Not happy!

I’m going to keep my toddlers thank you and my teens who look like teens and elders who look like elders!



Weirdness from The Sims 3

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These are some of the many weird moments that I have experienced whilst playing The Sims 3…



I was playing and my Sim ‘Blossom’ just looked up and pulled that face all of a sudden lol

I’m sure I’d pull that same face if I looked up and saw a PlumBob for me hehehe

/)(o- O *)(\

This is another weird moment where my Sim (for some odd reason) sat in the fire pit rather than outside on a chair and the kitty walked up to her and then she literally just freaked out!


Ok so I added a Plumbot to my family who was a comedian. The space was limited so when he performed his comedy act all the Sims ended up standing in a line. Well anyway they don’t look entertained because they weren’t! In fact some of them really were booing… (I feel so sorry for him)


 It’s funny how you can pause the screen for a moment and just see dialogue… I mean look at how she is blatantly lying to him!

Ok he doesn’t look fat but he doesn’t look fabulous either! Those clothes… WTH?!


 There have been sooo many weird moments where I haven’t been able to take screen shots or record (maybe because my game was crashing or being buggy and what not)  but I always make sure I at least try so I can treasure that disturbing moment…


Oh no, I kid you not Lachlan Keeper… He’s probably your son too! BTW those earrings really bring out your eye colour~ just remember to return those um, *coughs* yeah, return them

This happened when my Sim (female) walked partly into his space as they were waiting for the lift and well she kinda nearly walked through him… Disturbing moment but I really do like those earrings on him!

Onto the next weird moment~

So I have my favourite Sims (who doesn’t right?) well, I really love Angel Star but she has a tendency to die! Seriously, every game I’ve had her in she has died. She has been every ghost, well most ghosts *sigh* here is a picture becoming one…


Despite what is happening to my fave Sim, I still like this picture. (o. o *)

Truth to the picture… I used the moveobjects cheat and placed her back into the pool as she carried on with her action *swimming* but she swam into the floor and I couldn’t stop her (I didn’t know about resetsim then) and she died but I didn’t save the game *phew*.

Ok here’s something a little light hearted~


No your bum doesn’t look big but that can be arranged in The Sims 4 *thank goodness* hehehe (\(^O ^*)/)

So these two are twins (like me hehehe) Alice and Ecila (see what I did there) and I think Alice had a memory (probably of a Sim I killed or something) while Ecila was sleeping and this is the result…


Poor Alice… Silly girl /)(_ _ )

Orochi (he’s not named after Orochimaru btw even if he is snakelike) is a Police Officer but he’s really better suited to the Criminal Career track so what is the outcome…


Woah he looks evil! (O_ O;)

Ok this is really funny… My child Sim visited a neighbours house (I cant even remember why now) so she rings the doorbell and waits like any Sim would do and~ who opens the door to her…?


Yeah that’s right, the neighbours dog! lol I was waiting for a Sim to come out after the dog moved but there were no Sims in the house! Such a weird thing to happen, I was NOT expecting that!!! She just went home after that… I want more neighbourhood pets to answer the doors to my Sims, they can’t invite you inside true but it is funny!

I just LOVE the Grim Reaper, he just has this coolness about him right?! He does the most random things… Except reaping, we totally expect him to show up when we kill our Sims  *cough*  Olive Specter *cough* but what we don’t expect is for him to switch the T.V on grab something from the fridge and to make himself at home (not that I mind!)

Here’s Grim being Grim


Here’s a Sim who looks like she’ll be getting a visit from Grim, looks like! I didn’t kill her, yet…


Yeah she wasn’t the fairest but she did look cool after this makeover, although not as cool as Grim!

Imaginary Friends eh, they’re either good or evil. Guess which one did this to her…


Neither hehehe I did! Mwahahaha~~~ She does look drunk though, she’s only a teen! *tut… tut…*

Omigosh it was her, yeah let’s blame it on 10 Droid-Doll!!!


Gosh lemme think why I’m looking at you like that… Your name is 10, you look like you’ve been crying for an eternity, you have tubes filled with blood all over your body and I could go on… That’s why… (that was a bit rude of me, I’ll apologise later) (^_^ ;)(\

Moving on…


This is Luna Care-Bot with her friend Solar. She is a SimBot who cares for others and loves Animals and Children~ I think they take advantage of her good nature though…


And on that cute note~ Bonehilda sent me a postcard from Isla Paradiso… Gosh my room’s really messy Bonehilda and I wish you were here!!! waaa



I was able to caption these moments but I will be posting pictures that left me speechless and therefore unable to caption… Really! (>o <;)


The Sims 4 CAS Summary

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                               I’m really looking forward to the Sims 4!!!
                              No official release date has been set for it yet but
                              they have hinted that it will be sometime this Autumn.
                                      sim look 4                                      sim look 5
I watched the Create A Sim video loads of times and I really do love the look of the All New Sims, they remind me of The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 but yet have a whole new presence to them at the same time. I can’t wait to create a bunch of Sims with different body types using the new ‘Not Sliders’ hehehe ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ I also love that you can pair any hairstyle and hat together (they only have one hat atm in the video but I hope they add more to the base game) I also noticed that there were no full outfits although the option was there it was greyed out and unavailable, same as the jewellery/accessories. (Can’t wait to see what they add to those two)
                                      sim look 2
                                      sim look 1
We didn’t get to see the pre-sets for the males yet but the all female pre-sets look beautiful! (It’s going to be hard to leave them in CAS, I might have to bring them all into the world and let them live in a house)
                                        Here are the pre-set Sims (Females)
                                     preset3                                    preset4                                    preset5                                   preset6                                    preset7                                  preset8                                  preset9                                  preset10                                  preset1                                  preset2
                                              Sooo beautiful!!! /)(*O , O*)(\
     Here is preview of some of the CAS adjustments to look forward to!!!
                                             I really hope undergarments can be changed too~  
                                                               (even if they’re not visible)
                                                           Fitness & Toner sliders
      caslastlook12 caslastlook11
                                                                 Tummy adjusters
                                                  (look at that heroic pose!)
                                                     Posture adjusters
                                                                                            Iris and Pupil adjusters
                                                                          (YAY now Sims can be Anime!!!)  (*^O^)/)777
                                                    Gluteus Maximus adjusters
                                          aka BOOTY POW!!! sooo Maximus~~~
                                                 Bust adjusters           
                                                        Feet adjusters              
                                                      (Tiny feet YAY)
                           Shoulder, Upper Arm & Lower Arm adjusters
Some of the features remind me of The Urbz Sims In The City for PS2. I loved how curvy you could make your Sim/Urb, I’m glad I’ll be able to do that again! I also loved the way your Urbz walk would change as you gained status in a different places for example:
(I’m sorry I know the piccys aren’t very clear but I’ll list the walking styles)
Default Walk Style
ImageSim Default walk
Perky Walk
ImageSim Perky Walk
Snooty Walk
ImageSims Snooty Walk
ImageSim Swagger
Although we learned from the video that you will be able to make your Sim have their own unique voice, we didn’t get a preview of that feature yet. To be honest, I want to know how that will differ from the choices we already have in The Sims 3.
I took loads of screenshots of CAS from this video to summarise, so watch the video too if you haven’t already. I just put piccys up so you can really see the depth that they’ve created for the Sims 4~ And of course the game is still in the first stages~ I can’t wait for more surprises from the team!!! (\(*> O <*)/)
I’ll leave you with some Make-up possibilities~ (Not that they need it!)
I used Perfect365 to edit these piccys

The Sims 3 Possessive Trait

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I was thinking about traits for TS3 and I was thinking ‘Possessive’ would be a good trait to add, because when other sims flirt with other sims loves it becomes difficult, some have a tendency to flirt back! (even if it isn’t one of their traits). This is where sims with the possessive trait come in. They would be able to use a new interaction that comes with this new trait which would be: walking over to the bad flirty sim in question, grabbing their love and turning to give them a terrible glare, the flirty sim then waves their arms at them in surrender, signalling they were unaware of the sim they tried to flirt with was attached to anyone and then the possessive sim’s love will have to calm them down

The sim with the possessive trait will have amoodlet of:

(-10 Feeling uneasy) or (+20 Possession) 

and depending on the other sim their moodlet will be:

(-15 Feeling trapped) or (+20 Feeling cherished).

What do you think? Good idea or unnecessary?

The Sims 3 Info… 3 NEW EXPANSIONS!!!

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*Note: Picture NOT from Island Paradise this a Mermaid costume that is part of The Sims 3 Seasons expansion*

So I guess everyone is very excited about the Mermaids from Island Paradise that are swimming to our PC’s on the 25th of June and also DRAGONS (yeah you read that correctly) Fire breathing Dragons and cutesy baby dwagons hehehe I think it’s going to be the Medieval expansion Dragon Valley and this info was announced yesterday (16/4/2013) on The Sims 3 Live Blog ( #TheSims3LB ) which should be downloadable by the spring and in stores to physically by the Summer…  I’m thinking soon as it’s still in development but so is Island Paradise! AND, if that wasn’t enough there is going to be a Movie Stuff Expansion which includes Super Heroes and Villains including their secret Lairs (I think a lot of people are going to create Kick-Ass, Me I wanna create Big Daddy and Hit Girl hahaha) American Victorian fashionista outfits and hairstyles will be included too and it looks AWESOME!!! * YAAAY* and that is coming to us this September which will be the last expansion or stuff pack of this year 2013. So the Sims 3 staff are actually listening to the fans and just blessing us with AWESOME content!!!

Ok, back to the Mermaids~ I’m sooo excited for this expansion, I really am and I was thinking… Are they going to add a new voice just for the Mermaids/Mermen (I don’t mean a voice change like they did with the Aliens in the Sims 3 Seasons Expansion) another question too… Are they going to add songs that maybe normal sims can listen to and learn and that would help in befriending the Merbeings?! Maybe I think too much but I think that would be AMAZING to play, they do include Paradise Lost story lines! Also pre-ordering The Limited Edition Island Paradise would be worth it as it includes hairstyles, survival pack, outfits and other stuff to methinks~ (this is what they said on yesterdays broadcast btw) 

Gosh! I just wish I was playing it now but part of the fun is waiting right?!


That place, this day (A short poem)

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ImageWhen I’m walking and walking, and walking I am

To that place of dreams as fast as I can

A mirror, a dungeon, a prison, a maze

Trapped inside for years, weeks or days

The time has come to wake and rise

See a new world appear as I open my eyes

When the night does come and take me away

I’ll remember forever this brand new day