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Werewolf Pirate, Alien Mermaid and TREASURE!!!

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〘 ワーウルフ海賊、エイリアンマーメイドと宝物!!!〙

Island Paradise?


Ok so a new expansion from TS3 is going to be released soon… So are there going to be any MERMAIDS in it… I HOPE SO!!! I WANT MY ALIEN MERMAID DREAM TO COME TRUE!!!

TS3から新展開の間もなくリリースされる。 うまくいけば、マーメイド号が含まれます・・・


Here is an Alien I edited in Create A Sim…  Her name is Aria and she wants to become a Mermaid~



Blossom Orange reads a spell on how to become a Mermaid… The spell is successful and exceeds her dreams of an oceanic paradise!!! She invites many of her friends who also ritualise themselves into the Mer-world… but it doesn’t last and their sanctury soon becomes their prison… Sometimes you just have to be careful what you wish for, especially if you’re a sim…

オレンジブロッサムは、人魚になるために使用する魔法の呪文の本を読んで・・・ 呪文は成功したと海洋楽園の彼女の夢を超えた!ブロッサムマーメイドの世界に自分自身誰も儀式の彼女の友人の多くを誘う・・・ 但し、やがてそれらの聖域刑務所の悪夢に変換あります・・・ 時々で、殊にがSIM気をつけて願い・・・ (願いは危ないだから) ねぇぇぇ!


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