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I am a plutonian moo cow scientist!!!

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So I am a plutonian moo cow scientist and I come from pluto (hehehe) anyway, I am here to study earth beings and to bring back members from my family (other moo moo’s trapped here!!!)

In the meantime I’m going to have fun and party like a Martian (because Mars is the party planet… They stopped the war alooong time ago and have partied ever since!) So if you are looking for a happy fun time go to Mars~ I really like the beaches on Neptune and the Whale and Mermaids Siren Lullaby accompanied by the Dolphin is an experience not to be missed by anyone ( I fell into a deep slumber for a few days and they cured my headache)… No wonder the beings of Mars chilled out hehehe!!! They are really welcoming there and treat you like any other being on that planet, truly a lovely paradise!

Remember: It’s nice to be nice!!!


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I am a plutonian moo cow!!!

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