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What you may or may not know about Europa…

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Europa is the globe of Atlantis guarded by The Kraken who sealed it to mirror the moons complexion. The Kraken though depicted as mindless and a ferociously tempered is quiet and peaceful but on the same level is very protective.  Many graceful and giant sea beings live here and enjoy their privacy so there is no way you can travel anywhere near the perimeter with it being fortified with many materials (some elements not even known to Mercury and that’s saying something), in fact you’d have to be extremely important to be allowed passage to this domain. The heat radiating from Jupiter is the fire that sustains the life-force of this habitat, in many ways it is their sun.

Not many beings are well informed of this secluded and secretive place but the aura surrounding it emits that of peace harmoniously nurturing this ocean of wonder and mystery~

We all have secrets~ (I eat chocolate on the full moon)

One day I can visit!!! *I hope* /)(>o < *)(\


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