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Marry… I don’t think I’d have a chance, they’re all taken!!! …but they all played a part of me being really fond of them when I was growing up (obviously some didn’t exist when I was a child)… Still my FAVES~~~



I love this part of Super Mario Galaxy 2 Bower looks super smexy~!!!


Fox MCcloud, Playing Starwing  as a child I thought he was really cool~


Gosh Baron *swoon* what a Gentlecat!!!


Yes I married Gill in Harvest Moon ToT but we all know it’s reall Angela~ Mai Tsundere

Sir Hiss

Sir Hiss is just adorable!!!


Yes cool he is~


Waaa just sooo cuuute!!! *blush* keepin’ it 80’s please!!!

Donald Duck

Oh Donald the more you fuss and get angry the cuter you become!!!


I think DiScOrD is just great!!! *Please Marry Fluttershy~~~~*

daffy duck

Hahaha makes me laugh!!! Just cute~


Lampy sarcastic as you are loyal!!! Memories~

Sunohara youhei

If Sunohara gets any cuter… /)(>< *)(\ Wait, why aren’t I in the piccy???!!!


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