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Weirdness from The Sims 3

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These are some of the many weird moments that I have experienced whilst playing The Sims 3…



I was playing and my Sim ‘Blossom’ just looked up and pulled that face all of a sudden lol

I’m sure I’d pull that same face if I looked up and saw a PlumBob for me hehehe

/)(o- O *)(\

This is another weird moment where my Sim (for some odd reason) sat in the fire pit rather than outside on a chair and the kitty walked up to her and then she literally just freaked out!


Ok so I added a Plumbot to my family who was a comedian. The space was limited so when he performed his comedy act all the Sims ended up standing in a line. Well anyway they don’t look entertained because they weren’t! In fact some of them really were booing… (I feel so sorry for him)


 It’s funny how you can pause the screen for a moment and just see dialogue… I mean look at how she is blatantly lying to him!

Ok he doesn’t look fat but he doesn’t look fabulous either! Those clothes… WTH?!


 There have been sooo many weird moments where I haven’t been able to take screen shots or record (maybe because my game was crashing or being buggy and what not)  but I always make sure I at least try so I can treasure that disturbing moment…


Oh no, I kid you not Lachlan Keeper… He’s probably your son too! BTW those earrings really bring out your eye colour~ just remember to return those um, *coughs* yeah, return them

This happened when my Sim (female) walked partly into his space as they were waiting for the lift and well she kinda nearly walked through him… Disturbing moment but I really do like those earrings on him!

Onto the next weird moment~

So I have my favourite Sims (who doesn’t right?) well, I really love Angel Star but she has a tendency to die! Seriously, every game I’ve had her in she has died. She has been every ghost, well most ghosts *sigh* here is a picture becoming one…


Despite what is happening to my fave Sim, I still like this picture. (o. o *)

Truth to the picture… I used the moveobjects cheat and placed her back into the pool as she carried on with her action *swimming* but she swam into the floor and I couldn’t stop her (I didn’t know about resetsim then) and she died but I didn’t save the game *phew*.

Ok here’s something a little light hearted~


No your bum doesn’t look big but that can be arranged in The Sims 4 *thank goodness* hehehe (\(^O ^*)/)

So these two are twins (like me hehehe) Alice and Ecila (see what I did there) and I think Alice had a memory (probably of a Sim I killed or something) while Ecila was sleeping and this is the result…


Poor Alice… Silly girl /)(_ _ )

Orochi (he’s not named after Orochimaru btw even if he is snakelike) is a Police Officer but he’s really better suited to the Criminal Career track so what is the outcome…


Woah he looks evil! (O_ O;)

Ok this is really funny… My child Sim visited a neighbours house (I cant even remember why now) so she rings the doorbell and waits like any Sim would do and~ who opens the door to her…?


Yeah that’s right, the neighbours dog! lol I was waiting for a Sim to come out after the dog moved but there were no Sims in the house! Such a weird thing to happen, I was NOT expecting that!!! She just went home after that… I want more neighbourhood pets to answer the doors to my Sims, they can’t invite you inside true but it is funny!

I just LOVE the Grim Reaper, he just has this coolness about him right?! He does the most random things… Except reaping, we totally expect him to show up when we kill our Sims  *cough*  Olive Specter *cough* but what we don’t expect is for him to switch the T.V on grab something from the fridge and to make himself at home (not that I mind!)

Here’s Grim being Grim


Here’s a Sim who looks like she’ll be getting a visit from Grim, looks like! I didn’t kill her, yet…


Yeah she wasn’t the fairest but she did look cool after this makeover, although not as cool as Grim!

Imaginary Friends eh, they’re either good or evil. Guess which one did this to her…


Neither hehehe I did! Mwahahaha~~~ She does look drunk though, she’s only a teen! *tut… tut…*

Omigosh it was her, yeah let’s blame it on 10 Droid-Doll!!!


Gosh lemme think why I’m looking at you like that… Your name is 10, you look like you’ve been crying for an eternity, you have tubes filled with blood all over your body and I could go on… That’s why… (that was a bit rude of me, I’ll apologise later) (^_^ ;)(\

Moving on…


This is Luna Care-Bot with her friend Solar. She is a SimBot who cares for others and loves Animals and Children~ I think they take advantage of her good nature though…


And on that cute note~ Bonehilda sent me a postcard from Isla Paradiso… Gosh my room’s really messy Bonehilda and I wish you were here!!! waaa



I was able to caption these moments but I will be posting pictures that left me speechless and therefore unable to caption… Really! (>o <;)



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