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Wow, I had sooo much hope for the Sims 4 but I will not be buying this excuse for a game!

I will protest and keep a firm hold of my purse!


Here is the link for the on-going petition for Toddlers and Pools to be added to The Sims 4 base game, please sign and make a change~!


I just can’t believe how excited I was for this game only to have my hopes crushed and now I just cant believe the whole mess that the fans are expected to pay for! What were EA thinking apart from how much money they could make???!!! Seriously I’m appalled at the unacceptable behaviour from this company and their arrogant and ignorant way of treating fans which pay good money to enjoy games…

 All the secrecy, no comments and lies had led to much speculation from all of us and the amount of content which is being stated to be de-confirmed day by day leads to another cancelled pre-order from upset and angry fans.

I myself am sticking with TS3, I was ready to move on as I’ve had enough buggy issues but now there is absolutely no way I will buy TS4!!!

 I have been considering downloading mods to improve my gameplay as EA couldn’t be bothered to fix the problems within the game.

I tweeted 8 Gurus asking is Aliens would be in the base game and not one replied to me so I guess Aliens are out as well as everything. Not happy!

I’m going to keep my toddlers thank you and my teens who look like teens and elders who look like elders!




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