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Alien ts4


My Video of Google Translate Girls

I was being creative one day… ok months ago and decided I would see if could manipulate the voices of google translate. I decided to use Japanese, English, Chinese, French and Spanish. I named them myself I thought they were the most suitable names. I chose the Kanji carefully too!
Ok names!
Japanese: Sakura Airi 愛利桜
English: Evangelina Noel
Chinese: Xiujun Li 秀军丽
French: Nicola Francoise
Spanish: Isabela Bibiana
Google Translate Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Gyakuten Saiban 逆転裁判
Edgeworth Investigations Gyakuten Kenji 逆転検事

Mario Kart Blue Shell Dodge playing as Koopa Troopa 3DS

Random and Bizarre Moments in TS3

Alien of eViL

MASHUP / J-POP (Part.4)

Phoenix Wright / My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Turnabout Storm

Super Ponybeat — The Flim Flam Brothers (Locomotion Mix) – Eurobeat Brony ft. Odyssey & Rina

Super Ponybeat – The Heart Carol (Eurohoho Mix)

Super Ponybeat – At The Gala (Finale Mix)

Super Ponybeat – So Many Wonders (EuroSky Mix)

Sim Gretina – So Shy

PinkiePieSwear – Flutterwonder

My Little Pony – Anime Opening


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