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If Goto Yuko voiced Fluttershy

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The outcome, Flutteru hehehe yep I really wanted Yuko-chin to be Fluttershy’s Seiyuu but oh well lol I made this video as a ‘what if…’ so enjoy~~~ I looove Fluttershy from MLPFIM she’s ma~ faaave and I looove Mikuru from HSNY/TMOSH!!! Pegasister all the waaay~ (*^ O ^*)/)



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Marry… I don’t think I’d have a chance, they’re all taken!!! …but they all played a part of me being really fond of them when I was growing up (obviously some didn’t exist when I was a child)… Still my FAVES~~~   I love this part of Super Mario Galaxy 2 Bower looks super smexy~!!! […]

What you may or may not know about Europa…

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Europa is the globe of Atlantis guarded by The Kraken who sealed it to mirror the moons complexion. The Kraken though depicted as mindless and a ferociously tempered is quiet and peaceful but on the same level is very protective.  Many graceful and giant sea beings live here and enjoy their privacy so there is no way you can travel anywhere near the perimeter with it being fortified with many materials (some elements not even known to Mercury and that’s saying something), in fact you’d have to be extremely important to be allowed passage to this domain. The heat radiating from Jupiter is the fire that sustains the life-force of this habitat, in many ways it is their sun.

Not many beings are well informed of this secluded and secretive place but the aura surrounding it emits that of peace harmoniously nurturing this ocean of wonder and mystery~

We all have secrets~ (I eat chocolate on the full moon)

One day I can visit!!! *I hope* /)(>o < *)(\

I am a plutonian moo cow scientist!!!

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So I am a plutonian moo cow scientist and I come from pluto (hehehe) anyway, I am here to study earth beings and to bring back members from my family (other moo moo’s trapped here!!!)

In the meantime I’m going to have fun and party like a Martian (because Mars is the party planet… They stopped the war alooong time ago and have partied ever since!) So if you are looking for a happy fun time go to Mars~ I really like the beaches on Neptune and the Whale and Mermaids Siren Lullaby accompanied by the Dolphin is an experience not to be missed by anyone ( I fell into a deep slumber for a few days and they cured my headache)… No wonder the beings of Mars chilled out hehehe!!! They are really welcoming there and treat you like any other being on that planet, truly a lovely paradise!

Remember: It’s nice to be nice!!!

Werewolf Pirate, Alien Mermaid and TREASURE!!!

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〘 ワーウルフ海賊、エイリアンマーメイドと宝物!!!〙 Island Paradise? アイランドパラダイス? Ok so a new expansion from TS3 is going to be released soon… So are there going to be any MERMAIDS in it… I HOPE SO!!! I WANT MY ALIEN MERMAID DREAM TO COME TRUE!!! TS3から新展開の間もなくリリースされる。 うまくいけば、マーメイド号が含まれます・・・ エイリアンマーメイドの叶う夢がしたい!!!ねぇぇぇ〜 Here is an Alien I edited in Create A Sim…  Her name is […]

These are a the Idolm@ster requests I’ve made~

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 ♬♫My Idol Request♫♬ This is a playlis of all my requests for Idolm@ster so far~〛

Asuka is My fave from DCCZ~ Haruka too~ oh! and Reika!!! I would like for them to sing as a trio… maybe one day hehehe~

(Video by Moniquekat)

Ritsuko G4U (Both Video’s by MissChizuruu)


Look how Super-Mega CUUUTE Rit-chan is here!!! Adorable right???!!! Nyan-Pose in a Seifuku style swimsuit!!! hehehe

Hibiki, Ritsuko and Chihaya are my FAAAVE trio in Idolm@ster their voices blend so well together ~~~

(Video by punyuruP)

Kyaaa~ They sing this one like real Vampress’s hehehe kyuuun~!!!

(video by nobody1174)

Another Trio I like is: Azusa, Iori and Yayoi~ very sweet!!!

(Video by punyuruP)

This quentet I just could not find so I requested and like a star MissChizuruu uploaded~

They sound sooo AMAZING together!!!! I would like to see more of them in the future~

I requested these a little while back but I also love these three quintetes!!!

(Video by Byuusama)

(Video by vf77tu)

The sweetest quintet EVER!!! hehehe Might request more with them~

(Video by Byuusama)

I really like my 3 faves and ADORE this song~~~

(video by MissChizuruu)

These are videos from the lovely wonderfuls from YouTube who uploaded my requests on Idolm@ster 2 and 1 and Dream C Club Zero!!! They made me sooo happy!!!

                                                         ( ¬ )







Lyrics Info~

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I’m going to upload some lyrics that I romanised myself… feel free to use them just credit me when you do ()

Ok So I have been posting all the lyrics that weren’t available anywhere else romanised (trust me they were nowhere to be found!!!)