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The Sims 4 CAS Summary

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                               I’m really looking forward to the Sims 4!!!
                              No official release date has been set for it yet but
                              they have hinted that it will be sometime this Autumn.
                                      sim look 4                                      sim look 5
I watched the Create A Sim video loads of times and I really do love the look of the All New Sims, they remind me of The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 but yet have a whole new presence to them at the same time. I can’t wait to create a bunch of Sims with different body types using the new ‘Not Sliders’ hehehe ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ I also love that you can pair any hairstyle and hat together (they only have one hat atm in the video but I hope they add more to the base game) I also noticed that there were no full outfits although the option was there it was greyed out and unavailable, same as the jewellery/accessories. (Can’t wait to see what they add to those two)
                                      sim look 2
                                      sim look 1
We didn’t get to see the pre-sets for the males yet but the all female pre-sets look beautiful! (It’s going to be hard to leave them in CAS, I might have to bring them all into the world and let them live in a house)
                                        Here are the pre-set Sims (Females)
                                     preset3                                    preset4                                    preset5                                   preset6                                    preset7                                  preset8                                  preset9                                  preset10                                  preset1                                  preset2
                                              Sooo beautiful!!! /)(*O , O*)(\
     Here is preview of some of the CAS adjustments to look forward to!!!
                                             I really hope undergarments can be changed too~  
                                                               (even if they’re not visible)
                                                           Fitness & Toner sliders
      caslastlook12 caslastlook11
                                                                 Tummy adjusters
                                                  (look at that heroic pose!)
                                                     Posture adjusters
                                                                                            Iris and Pupil adjusters
                                                                          (YAY now Sims can be Anime!!!)  (*^O^)/)777
                                                    Gluteus Maximus adjusters
                                          aka BOOTY POW!!! sooo Maximus~~~
                                                 Bust adjusters           
                                                        Feet adjusters              
                                                      (Tiny feet YAY)
                           Shoulder, Upper Arm & Lower Arm adjusters
Some of the features remind me of The Urbz Sims In The City for PS2. I loved how curvy you could make your Sim/Urb, I’m glad I’ll be able to do that again! I also loved the way your Urbz walk would change as you gained status in a different places for example:
(I’m sorry I know the piccys aren’t very clear but I’ll list the walking styles)
Default Walk Style
ImageSim Default walk
Perky Walk
ImageSim Perky Walk
Snooty Walk
ImageSims Snooty Walk
ImageSim Swagger
Although we learned from the video that you will be able to make your Sim have their own unique voice, we didn’t get a preview of that feature yet. To be honest, I want to know how that will differ from the choices we already have in The Sims 3.
I took loads of screenshots of CAS from this video to summarise, so watch the video too if you haven’t already. I just put piccys up so you can really see the depth that they’ve created for the Sims 4~ And of course the game is still in the first stages~ I can’t wait for more surprises from the team!!! (\(*> O <*)/)
I’ll leave you with some Make-up possibilities~ (Not that they need it!)
I used Perfect365 to edit these piccys