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The Sims 3 Possessive Trait

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I was thinking about traits for TS3 and I was thinking ‘Possessive’ would be a good trait to add, because when other sims flirt with other sims loves it becomes difficult, some have a tendency to flirt back! (even if it isn’t one of their traits). This is where sims with the possessive trait come in. They would be able to use a new interaction that comes with this new trait which would be: walking over to the bad flirty sim in question, grabbing their love and turning to give them a terrible glare, the flirty sim then waves their arms at them in surrender, signalling they were unaware of the sim they tried to flirt with was attached to anyone and then the possessive sim’s love will have to calm them down

The sim with the possessive trait will have amoodlet of:

(-10 Feeling uneasy) or (+20 Possession) 

and depending on the other sim their moodlet will be:

(-15 Feeling trapped) or (+20 Feeling cherished).

What do you think? Good idea or unnecessary?