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Kurumin… くるみん・・・

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Post of Moe~

and some other things…


Kurumi Ohnuma


Just thought I’d add a cute post that’s positive~

Kurumin is sooo adorable, I don’t think she’s voiced yet (or I’m sure I saw somewhere they already have a voice actress for her) but she is already my fave!!!


Kurumin New new.png



Moving on…


I uploaded a cover of 99 Nights but I don’t actually know what Kurumi sounds like yet so I tried to sing as I think she may sound (she will probably WILL sound sooo much better and cute!)

I will probably do more covers in the future… I kept feeling faint (to the point I would nearly pass out but I held to reality as strong as I could) every time I would karaoke and got really bad anxiety attacks because of it, now after a year of waiting for an appointment for my heart I find out I have low blood pressure and an extra heartbeat (thanks for waiting a year to tell me that NHS) I had no idea what the heck was wrong with me and why I felt weird (convulsing and feeling disconnected from reality which is scary, I thought so many times that this was it for me), I thought it was low salt (I am supposed to add more to my diet anyway) so yeah (rant over) But it’s nice to do baka-fun karaoke and try different voice styles, sometimes it’s hard if you have a fave Idol and you can’t imitate the voice (I’ve tried to mono-mane Hibikin several times, who knows maybe I’ll get it right one day?)

I really do love Idolm@ster which I’ve never played but I just love all the songs and characters… I should play the game… lol

Info of Kurumin from

(click the link for info)

Found these piccy’s on the google, made a collage and also found the nosebleed one (whoever took the screenshot I hope you don’t mind me using it~) (^o ^*)

Ok actually uploaded a fandub today in celebration of our New Year!!!


These are a the Idolm@ster requests I’ve made~

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 ♬♫My Idol Request♫♬ This is a playlis of all my requests for Idolm@ster so far~〛

Asuka is My fave from DCCZ~ Haruka too~ oh! and Reika!!! I would like for them to sing as a trio… maybe one day hehehe~

(Video by Moniquekat)

Ritsuko G4U (Both Video’s by MissChizuruu)


Look how Super-Mega CUUUTE Rit-chan is here!!! Adorable right???!!! Nyan-Pose in a Seifuku style swimsuit!!! hehehe

Hibiki, Ritsuko and Chihaya are my FAAAVE trio in Idolm@ster their voices blend so well together ~~~

(Video by punyuruP)

Kyaaa~ They sing this one like real Vampress’s hehehe kyuuun~!!!

(video by nobody1174)

Another Trio I like is: Azusa, Iori and Yayoi~ very sweet!!!

(Video by punyuruP)

This quentet I just could not find so I requested and like a star MissChizuruu uploaded~

They sound sooo AMAZING together!!!! I would like to see more of them in the future~

I requested these a little while back but I also love these three quintetes!!!

(Video by Byuusama)

(Video by vf77tu)

The sweetest quintet EVER!!! hehehe Might request more with them~

(Video by Byuusama)

I really like my 3 faves and ADORE this song~~~

(video by MissChizuruu)

These are videos from the lovely wonderfuls from YouTube who uploaded my requests on Idolm@ster 2 and 1 and Dream C Club Zero!!! They made me sooo happy!!!

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