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The Sims 3 Info… 3 NEW EXPANSIONS!!!

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*Note: Picture NOT from Island Paradise this a Mermaid costume that is part of The Sims 3 Seasons expansion*

So I guess everyone is very excited about the Mermaids from Island Paradise that are swimming to our PC’s on the 25th of June and also DRAGONS (yeah you read that correctly) Fire breathing Dragons and cutesy baby dwagons hehehe I think it’s going to be the Medieval expansion Dragon Valley and this info was announced yesterday (16/4/2013) on The Sims 3 Live Blog ( #TheSims3LB ) which should be downloadable by the spring and in stores to physically by the Summer…  I’m thinking soon as it’s still in development but so is Island Paradise! AND, if that wasn’t enough there is going to be a Movie Stuff Expansion which includes Super Heroes and Villains including their secret Lairs (I think a lot of people are going to create Kick-Ass, Me I wanna create Big Daddy and Hit Girl hahaha) American Victorian fashionista outfits and hairstyles will be included too and it looks AWESOME!!! * YAAAY* and that is coming to us this September which will be the last expansion or stuff pack of this year 2013. So the Sims 3 staff are actually listening to the fans and just blessing us with AWESOME content!!!

Ok, back to the Mermaids~ I’m sooo excited for this expansion, I really am and I was thinking… Are they going to add a new voice just for the Mermaids/Mermen (I don’t mean a voice change like they did with the Aliens in the Sims 3 Seasons Expansion) another question too… Are they going to add songs that maybe normal sims can listen to and learn and that would help in befriending the Merbeings?! Maybe I think too much but I think that would be AMAZING to play, they do include Paradise Lost story lines! Also pre-ordering The Limited Edition Island Paradise would be worth it as it includes hairstyles, survival pack, outfits and other stuff to methinks~ (this is what they said on yesterdays broadcast btw) 

Gosh! I just wish I was playing it now but part of the fun is waiting right?!